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About Galuku Pty. Ltd.
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About Galuku

Galuku ProcessGaluku Pty Ltd, is an Australian owned company that was formed in 1993 to capitalise on the extensive research that was undertaken during 1991 and 1992 into the production and uses of Coconut Husk bi-products, especially the use of Coir fibre pith (Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)™) as a viable alternative to mined peat moss.

Galuku is an aboriginal word from Northern Arnheim land in Australia, meaning coconut.

Our company has been researching and developing the uses of Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)™ as a multi purpose growing medium for the Australian horticulture industry, for nearly ten years.

Working in close cooperation with various sectors of the Australian horticulture industries, has led to the development of products for potting mix manufacturers, vegetable and flower growers, greenhouse hydroponic production, golf green construction and many other specialist applications.

Plant in Sri LankaIn 1997 we formed a joint venture partnership with our Sri Lankan partners, to create a state of the art, coir processing facility in Sri Lanka. This facility, coupled with the extensive research and knowledge gained from the Australian horticulture industry, has provided us with the platform from which to market and distribute proven coir products world wide.

We are able to offer not just quality proven coir products, but also extensive technical support and hassle free door to door service of consistent quality products to anywhere in the world.


We regard our customers as extended partners and pride ourselves in trading in a spirit of cooperation, to share our knowledge, and to achieve mutual benefits for those who choose to use our products.

The principal activities of the company are:

  • International marketing of Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)™ products.
  • Researching and developing the uses of Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)™ as a multi purpose growing medium.
  • Research and development of the technology required for the processing of coconut husks into marketable products.
  • Exporting technology designed and manufactured in Australia to countries with coconut processing industries.
  • Consultation service for the development of coconut husk bi-products production.
  • Technological solutions for decorticating, drying and baling coir pith (Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)™).
  • Technical analysis of coir pith for compliance with accepted horticultural standards.
  • Concepts for value adding and the production of Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)™ based products.
  • Technological solutions for hydrating and bulking Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)™ for potting mix manufacturers.
  • Marketing services for producers of coconut husk products.

Joe Davids,
Managing Director
Galuku Pty Ltd

Galuku Pty Ltd - ACN 060 947 953
P.O. Box 253 Grosvenor Place,
Sydney 2000, Australia

Ph: 61 2 9337 2198
Fax: 61 2 9337 2648

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