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Welcome to Cocopeat - The organic multi-purpose growing medium
What is Galuku Cocopeat?
Multi-purpose Growing Medium  
Environmentally Friendly
What is Coir Fibre Pith (Dust)
High Quality Cocopeat: Galuku Coir
Using Galuku Cocopeat
Hydroponic Growing
How to Use Cocopeat for Hydroponics: Galuku HydroCS Grow Bags
How to Use Galuku Easyfil Hydroponic Planterbags
Potting Mixes
Seed Raising Substrates
Golf Green Construction
Distributors of Horticulture & Gardening Products
Mushroom Casing
CocoMulch Retail & Wholsale Suppliers
Hydroponic HydroCS Grow Bags
Easyfil Hydroponic Container System
Husk Chips
Coco Discs & Pellets
Rubberized Pots
Galuku Cocopeat Blended Products
CocoEarth Planting & Potting Mix
for the Wollemi Pine
SpillFix Industrial Absorbent
Erosion Control Nets
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