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Cocpeat Amendment of Sand

Galuku CPRM8/3P

Laboratory No. 02/029, received 05/2/2002

Water content as received: 20% of wet weight = 24.5% on a dry weight basis

Loss on ignition - Organic matter: 92.5% of dry matter

Water holding capacity - at 0.4m suction: 473% on a dry weight basis

Total weight of moist cocopeat and content of organic matter, when measured out in a small container and lightly packed; grams/litre = kg/m3

  Total weight (20% water)
g/l (kg/m3)
Organic matter
g/l (kg/m3)
Container filled loosely: 72 54
Container dropped 2x10cm: 80 59
Container dropped 5x10cm: 84 62

Mixing sand and cocopeat at a rate of 0.9m3 sand (1,170kg) to 0.1m3 cocopeat (8.0kg), will result in a content of organic matter of 0.51% on a dry weight basis.

The water holding capacity of this mixture is expected to be 3.9% higher than that of sand alone, measured on a volume basis.

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RootZone Laboratories Soil Testing Service

Supplied by: Unimin

Laboratory No.: 02/064

Reference: ACI Sports 40 sand

Sample Origin: Unimin

Date Received: 15th April, 2002

Intended Use: Mixes with cocopeat

Tube No. No. of Drops Bulk Density Hydraulic Conductivity
1 1 1.510 1220
2 2 1.570 960
3 4 1.584 790
4 8 1.652 650
5 16 1.705 530
6 32 1.701 430

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Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) Conductivity - 10%

Cocopeat Conductivity - 10%

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Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) Conductivity - 15%

Cocopeat Conductivity - 15%

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The CPRM8/3P cocopeat was tested and compared with a sample of TM sphagnum peat.

A summary of the results is as follows:

  CPRM8/3P Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) Sphagnum peat
Organic matter, % of dry matter 92.5 98.4
Water content, as received - % of wet weight 20 48
Water holding capacity at 0.4m suction, % on a dry weight basis 473 433
Organic matter content of a 10% by volume mix with sand, % 0.51 0.46
Increase in water holding capacity of a 10% by volume mix, % by volume 3.9 3.0
Hydraulic conductivity of a 10% by volume mix with sand after compaction, mm/hr 390 440

USGA guidelines, whilst recommending the use of organic matter in root zone mixtures, no longer specify a minimum organic matter percentage. The guidelines do, however, specify a minimum organic matter content for peat of 85% by weight as determined by loss on ignition. Both samples tested easily pass this requirement.

As a guide, the cocopeat is suitable for mixes of 10% by volume when used with a USGA type sand, however, all proposed root zones should be thoroughly tested before use.

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