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How to use the Easyfil Hydroponic Planter Bags
Removing the sticker

Step 1 Expanding the Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)
Carefully remove this sticker and open up the bag. Insert irrigation dripper(s) into the media inside bag. Run the irrigation system until the Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) media is fully expanded, (Note: To speed up expansion add approximately 250-500 mls of water when first opened.)

Open the bag

Step 2 Conditioning the Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)
First measure the Electrical Conductivity (EC or CF) of the irrigation water, then measure the run-off water leaving the holes at the base of the bag. When the two measurements are equal the Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) has had sufficient flushing to remove any unwanted impurities.

Hydrating the medium

Step 3 Charging the Cocopeat (Galuku Coir)
Prior to the planting, the media should be charged with full nutrient solution. Recommended nutrient strength for charging is EC of 1.0-1.5 (CF 10 - 15). Charging process can be stopped when the runoff water from the base of the bag matches the irrigation water nutrient strength.

Planting the seedlings

Step 4 Initial Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) Management
After planting avoid excessive watering until the transplant is well established. Ensure watering is done with full nutrient solution at recommended nutrient strength. As with all media preventative management steps should be in place to ensure insect pests ( particularly Fungus Gnat) and plant root diseases do not attack the young transplants.

PlanterBags in the green house

Special Note:
Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) is a relatively inert substance in relation to plant available nutrients. When feeding plants always ensure a full nutrient solution is applied at all times. Seek advise on nutrient strength and nutrient requirements from experienced and qualified hydroponic crop advisors only.

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