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About Galuku Pty. Ltd.
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High quality Cocopeat

Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) products supplied and distributed worldwide by Galuku Pty Ltd, is guaranteed to be very high quality products.

It is manufactured to comply with the strictest quarantine rules of the Australian Quarantine Inspection Services.

Our products have been researched, developed and used in the Australian Horticulture industry for over ten years.

Galuku Cocopeat (Galuku Coir) products are graded to specific particle sizes and fibre content. These gradings provide a more accurate growing media exactly tailored to each growing application. Particle size grading now allows for a wider spectrum range of water holding capacity, air filled porosity and bulk density, to suit seasonal climate conditions and specific crop production.

By using our products you are assured of receiving free technical assistance and free access to a wide range of information and experience that will quickly assist you in benefiting from using this great growing medium.

What is Cocopeat
Multi-Purpose Growing Medium
Environmentally Friendly
What is Coir Fibre Pith (Dust)
High quality Cocopeat
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